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Videos on water quality to air on CETV this summer

Water Conservation Videos on CETV Channel 3

Image from "After the Storm" video
After the Storm daily at noon; noon and 6 p.m. after Aug. 1
image from video "Spill Prevention"
Working Together for Spill Prevention daily at 12:30 p.m.; 12:30 and 6:30 p.m. after Aug. 1
image from Devil Ducks video
Ducky Devil 30-second video at various times throughout the broadcast day

A video co-produced by the Weather Channel will be part of summer programming on CETV, Cape Elizabeth's public access cable Channel 3.

After the Storm, a 22-minute video produced by the Weather Channel and the Environmental Protection Agency; and a second video, Working Together for Spill Prevention, are being shared by the the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District as a public education component of Cape Elizabeth's state and federal stormwater permits.

"After the Storm" is a 22-minute look at the interconnection between water supply, water quality, economic vitality and quality of life in any community.

"The film also defines a watershed and will hopefully encourage viewers to consider the potential effects of their actions," according to a Amiee Howson Wills of the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District.

The mission of the conservation district is to assist and education the public to promote stewardship of soil and water resources.

The spill-prevention video, 18 minutes long, is produced by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and focuses on the impacts of residential oil spills. The film was produced as training video for oil delivery drivers and oil heat technicians.

Both videos are showing daily on CETV: "After the Storm" at noon and "Working Together for Spill Prevention" at 12:30 p.m. Beginning in August, evening showings will be added at 6 and 6:30 p.m. except on Aug. 3, when CETV will broadcast Cape Elizabeth High School's State House District 121 Candidates Night live.

Please see the program guide on Channel 3 for playback dates and times.

Throughout the broadcast day, CETV is showing the 30-second "Ducky Devil" public-service announcement, which portrays litter and lawn contaminants flowing to public waters as evil rubber ducks.

The Ducky Devil video and After the Storm can also be seen on YouTube.