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Video series offers glimpse inside school system

The School Department has released what it hopes will be a series of videos giving an "inside view of our school system".

"I'd like to welcome you to what will be, I hope, several videos that we'll do during the year that talk about Cape Elizabeth schools and what is happening in our school system," Superintendent Alan Hawkins says in the introduction to the first video highlighting Cape Elizabeth Food Services.

"We have an exciting school system with many possibilities," Hawkins says. "I think it's always important for the citizens of Cape Elizabeth to understand just what we're doing."

Peter Esposito, the schools' newly hired food services director, is featured in the first video, along with a look at some of the changes that have been made in the choices and delivery of food services. Among those changes are an emphasis on nutritional quality and freshness, enhanced by partnership with Cape Elizabeth growers.

The 13-minute video is being broadcast on CETV Cable Channel 3, and may be viewed on superintendent's blog area of the School Department's website.

Hawkins said the idea for video presentations came from his days as a principal in South Portland, where the school produced a weekly presentation. Since the project has started in Cape Elizabeth, the School Board's Communications Committee has come up with ideas to broaden the offering.

The video was produced by a student at Cape Elizabeth High School, who is also getting school credit for his work.

As time allows, future programs on athletics, and the English/language arts programs are planned, but because the student producer will be graduating in June, the future of such programming is uncertain. Hawkins said he hopes a volunteer from the community might come forward to help with future productions.