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Cape voters say 'no' to Fort Williams parking fee, elect Dill to State House

Cape Elizabeth voters overwhelmingly said "no" to a proposed pay/display system of parking fees at Fort Williams Park, and narrowly elected Democrat Cynthia Dill to the Maine House of Representatives for District 121 in elections Tuesday.

Dill won election to the State House by a margin of 176 votes, defeating Republican Jennifer Duddy 2,432 to 2,256.

Cape voters also voted down an advisory referendum question on whether the town should implement at"pay/display" parking fee for non-residents, 3,145 votes to 1,951.

In the municipal election for Town Council, voters elected to return incumbent David Backer to another term, and elected Sara Lennon and James Rowe to new terms.

In the race for School Board, incumbent Kevin Sweeney was re-elected, and Karen Burke and Peter Cotter will serve new terms as new School Board members beginning next month.

Cape Elizabeth voters also weighed in with a "no" vote on state Question 1, the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, with 2,167 voting for the government spending initiative and 3,173 voting against.

No official turnout calculations are yet available, but Town Clerk April Cohen-Tracy estimated that nearly 60 percent of Cape Elizabeth's voters cast ballots, including approximately 1,900 absentee .

Here are the Cape Elizabeth results:

General Election:

Vote for ONE Democrat Hay Bright, Jean M. 1417
Dixmont Independent Slavik, William H. 199 Portland Republican Snowe, Olympia J. 3742 Falmouth GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MAINE
Vote for ONE Democrat Baldacci, John E. 2312
Bangor Green Independent LaMarche, Patricia H. 461
Yarmouth Independent Maine Merrill, Barbara 1206 Course Appleton Tax Equality NaPier, Phillip Morris 21 Rebellion Windham Republican Woodcock, Chandler E. 1378
Farmington REPRESENTATIVE TO CONGRESS District 1 Vote for ONE Democrat Allen, Thomas H. 3185 Portland Republican Curley, Darlene J. 1710 Scarborough Independent Kamilewicz, Dexter 374 Harpswell STATE SENATOR District 7 Vote for ONE Democrat Bromley, Lynn 3066 South Portland Republican Glynn, Kevin J. 1917 South Portland Green Independent Louis, Keith M. 317 South Portland REPRESENTATIVE TO THE LEGISLATURE District 121 Vote for ONE Democrat Dill, Cynthia A. 2432 Cape Elizabeth Republican Duddy, Jennifer J. 2256 Cape Elizabeth REPRESENTATIVE TO THE LEGISLATURE District 123
(Cape Elizabeth and South Portland) Vote for ONE Republican Crosby, Gary J. 224 South Portland Democrat Eberle, Jane E. 410 South Portland JUDGE OF PROBATE Vote for ONE Democrat Mazziotti, Joseph R. 3951 Westbrook COUNTY TREASURER Vote for ONE Democrat Gurney, Diane Lee 2624 Portland Republican Ridge, John F. 2252 South Portland REGISTER OF DEEDS Vote for ONE Republican Chapman, Donna M. 2084 Windham Democrat Lovely, Pamela E. 2705 Portland SHERIFF Vote for ONE Republican Blaise, Edward M. 1796 Standish Democrat Dion, Mark N. 3296 Portland DISTRICT ATTORNEY Vote for ONE Republican Anderson, Stephanie 4255 Cape Elizabeth

Referendum Election Sample Ballot

Question 1: Citizen Initiative

Do you want to limit increases in state and local government spending to the rate of inflation plus population growth and to require voter approval for all tax and fee increases?

Yes 2167  No 3173

Question 2: Constitutional Amendment

Do you favor amending the Constitution of Maine to state that a citizen's initiative or people's veto petition must be submitted to local or state officials by the constitutional deadline in order to be certified and, in the case of a citizen's initiative, must be filed with the Secretary of State within 18 months?

Yes 2830 No 2097

Municipal Ballot

Municipal Offices:

Town Council (three year term to expire 12/14/2009)
Vote for 3

Altznauer, Greg S.   1714
Backer, David J.     3371
Lennon, Sara W.      3223
Rowe, James S.       3524

School Board (three year term to expire 12/14/2009)
Vote for 3

Burke, Karen B.      3619
Cotter, Peter H.     2535
Stamieszkin, Piotr   2296
Sweeney, Kevin P.    3062


The Town Council has considered the issue of adopting a "pay/display" parking fee program in Fort Williams Park to help support park maintenance and improvements. By vote on Sept. 11, 2006, the Town Council has referred the following question to the voters for their input on this issue:

Would you favor the Town establishing a "pay/display" parking fee for nonresidents at Fort Williams Park to help support park maintenance and improvements?

Yes 1951 No 3145