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Two amendments approved for business districts

The Town Council on Jan. 12 approved two amendments to the zoning ordinance, each modifying a business zone in Town.

The first, which included an amendment to the zoning map, adds Earthworks and Earthworks Contractor to the series of uses permitted in the Business B District. The map amendment includes the Murray gravel pit area on Fowler Road in the BB District. (Click here to view text and map) (Adobe's Acrobat Reader is required )

The second amendment adds language to the Business A District to expressly allow multi-family units. (Click here to view text) (Adobe's Acrobat Reader is required )

Both amendments were approved by the council after public hearings.

Speaking in favor of the Earthworks addition to the BB District was Paul Woods, a Cape developer. He said the amendment encourages the Town to maintain a variety of businesses, and is a good example of how the rezoning process allows government to adapt to the changing needs of the town.

Two citizens spoke in favor of the multi-family definition in the BA District. One was developer Joel Fitzpatrick, who proposed the amendment, and the other was Mary Page, owner of the Two Lights General Store. She said she believed the amendment would help small businesses in certain areas.

As the council voted for approval, Councilor Jack Roberts echoed Fitzpatrick's sentiments that the intent was to have multi-family units allowed in the BA District all along. "This puts it where everybody believed it should be in the first place," Roberts said.

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