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Harbor ordinance, land acquistion policy up for public hearing July 11

The Town Council will hold a public hearing on a revised harbor ordinance, and on a draft land acquisition policy, at their next meeting July 11.

Both hearings are set for 7:30 p.m. Monday, July 11, in the Town Hall chamber.

Revisions to the Coastal Waters and Harbor Ordinance come at the suggestion of Roger Long, who took over the duties of town harbormaster last December.

David Backer, town councilor and member of the council's ordinance subcommittee, said the proposal includes four major substantive to the ordinance governing the town's two major mooring harbors -- Seal Cove (Kettle Cove) and Maiden Cove -- and the other minor harbors, inlets and coves that are used for mooring and anchorage of vessels. The current ordinance was adopted in 1989.

Major revisions are:

  • Ratify in the ordinance a change by the previous Harbormaster from two year to annual permit renewals;
  • Clarify that permit holders and not the town are responsible for the cost of mooring inspection;
  • Authorize the town to remove abandoned moorings when dropping the chain to the bottom could present a hazard to anchoring vessels or other moorings; and,
  • Eliminate an unenforceable 24-hour limit on anchoring that could put boaters waiting out fog or weather in Seal Cove in violation of Town Ordinances.

Other proposed revisions are minor, Backer said. "I think you will find it a nice little cleanup of an ordinance that probably hasn't been looked at in a while," Backer said.

The Land Acquisition/Disposition Policy is an attempt to codify Town Council protocol for acquiring land in the town. Town Councilor Jack Roberts, who proposed the draft, said it is a significant policy and proposed the public hearing.