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Planning Board Digital Submissions during COVID-19

Town of Cape Elizabeth
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Town of Cape Elizabeth
Planning Board Digital submission and
Social distance guidelines


For the duration of the Covid19 event, the following procedures must be used for Planning Board review. Procedures will be updated and restrictions will be minimized as much as possible while aligning with public health guidelines.

1.         Duration.  Digital submission requirements shall be in effect for Planning Board meetings held starting in April 2020 until revoked or amended.

2.         Digital submission. Every document of a Planning Board submission shall be provided in a pdf format. Digital documents shall be sent to the town planner at


            The email shall include the name of the project in the subject line. If multiple emails will be sent to accommodate the size of the application, the subject line shall include part 1, part 2, etc. Total size by email shall not exceed 25 MB.

3.         Deadline. Emailed submissions must be sent by the meeting deadline, which is 18 days before the third Tuesday of the month for regular meetings. For workshops, the deadline is 1 week before the first Tuesday of the month.

4.         Naming protocol. Each document shall start with a project name not to exceed 10 spaces. For example, 326 OH Rd. As plans are resubmitted during the review process, the exact name shall be used for revised materials.

            Applicants are strongly encouraged to compile their application materials. For example, all written documents can be assembled into one pdf and one plan set can be submitted.

5.         Plan components. Digital plans shall include at a minimum, the following:

6.         Paper copies. In addition, 8 paper copies of the entire application shall also be delivered to town hall by the submission deadline. Each paper submission shall be collated as a complete individual package. Plans may be dropped off at town hall if advance arrangements to receive the package has been made with the town planner.

7.         Application fee. The application fee shall be mailed to town hall. Confirmation of the fee amount is recommended by contacting town hall or emailing the town planner (address above). Application fees should be paid by the submission deadline.

8.         Site visit. When the Planning Board schedules a site visit, social distancing procedures will be followed. All attendees will wear a mask and maintain a 6' distance. Total number of attendees will be limited to 10, to include Planning Board members (7), the town planner (1), and 2 representatives of the applicant. The town planner will video the site visit. The video will be posted to the town website for the public to view the visit.

9.         Additional information. Please contact the town planner at with any questions.

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    Staff Contact: Maureen O’Meara, Town Planner
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  • Note: E-mails and letters sent to local officials are almost always public records. Limited exceptions may be found in the Maine statutes. The local media and other interested parties have from time to time asked for copies of e-mails and mailed correspondence. In sending an e-mail to any elected or appointed town official or school official, citizens should have no expectation of privacy