Comprehensive Plan 2019

The Town Council on Feb. 11, 2019 accepted a Draft Plan from the Comprehensive Plan 2019 Committee

Revisions as of 5/21/2019

2019 Comprehensive Plan Review Schedule
[download schedule]


At the December 19, 2018 Town Council  workshop, the Town Council  discussed the process it will use to review the draft comprehensive plan. The draft  Future  Land Use Plan will be submitted for draft  review to the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry in January, 2019 and  the entire plan will be submitted for formal review after adoption.


Wednesday, May 8th
Supporting Documents | Video (03:22:40)
Town  Council workshop (Comprehensive Plan Committee invited to attend): Review  plan  pgs. 6-194 covering Public Participation Summary, Population and Demographics, Economy, Transportation, Housing, Public Facilities and Services, Fiscal Capacity and Capital Investment Plan, Natural Resources, Agricultural and Forest Resources, Marine  Resources, Water Resources, Historic  and  Archeological Resources.
Monday, May 13th
Town Council  meeting: Town  Council schedules comprehensive plan public  hearing for June 10, 2019.
Wednesday, May 15th
Supporting Documents | Video (02:59:42)
Town Council  workshop (Comprehensive Plan Committee invited to attend): Review  plan  pgs. 195-287,4-5 covering Existing Land Use, Recreation and  Open Space, Future  Land Use Plan, Regional Coordination Plan, Implementation and Evaluation of Recommendations, Appendices 1and 2, Vision Statement, Executive Summary
Wednesday, May 22nd
Supporting Documents | Video
Town Council  workshop: Town  Council  discussion of entire plan/ finalize  revisions.
Wednesday, May 29th
Town Council  revised  comprehensive plan posted  to town website
Monday, June 10th
Town  Council  meeting: Public Hearing
Monday, July 8th
Town  Council  meeting: Consider vote for adoption
Wednesday, September 4th
Town  Council  workshop: Review  implementation plan

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  • **DRAFT** Comprehensive Plan 2019 12/17/2018 (large file - 45MB) - This is final draft of the comprehensive plan, all draft chapters are included. Bound copies are also available for review at Town Hall and the Thomas Memorial Library.
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