Greater Portland

Cape Elizabeth is fortunate to be located approximately five miles southeast of Portland, Maine.  Portland is a vibrant city which offers the very best features found in larger cities, but in a smaller package.  Art, entertainment, and nationally recognized restaurants are among some of the features which make Cape Elizabeth an ideal place to visit and live.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Portland is the most populous city in Maine and the seat of Cumberland County.  Portland's population was 66,215 as of 2019.  The Greater Portland metropolitan area is home to over half a million people, the 105th-largest metropolitan area in the United States. Portland’s economy relies mostly on the service sector and tourism.  The Old Port district is known for its 19th-century architecture and nightlife. Marine industry still plays an important role in the city's economy, with an active waterfront that supports fishing and commercial shipping. The Port of Portland is the largest tonnage seaport in New England.

The city seal depicts a phoenix rising from ashes, a reference to recovery from four devastating fires. Portland was named after the English Isle of Portland, Dorset.  In turn, the city of Portland, Oregon was named after Portland, Maine.  Portland itself comes from the Old English word Portlanda, which means "land surrounding a harbor.”  [Reference: Wikipedia]

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Children's Museum & Theater of Maine

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