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Category Name Date Group
Assessor 2018-2019 Tax Commitment Summary 2018-08-03 Assessing Department
Assessor 2019 Tax Commitment Report 2018-08-07 Assessing Department
Finance 2018-06-30 Town Manager
Ad Hoc Committee Alternative Energy Committee Report 2009-01-12 Alternative Energy Committee
Ad Hoc Commitee

Alternative Energy Committee 2016

Report | Report Section 7 pp 28-33 | Presentation to Town Council

2017-02-16 Alternative Energy Committee 2016
Assessor Assessing Sales Data History 2011-2019 2019-04-05 Assessing Department
Finance Bond Ratings Report - Moody's 2016-12-08  
Finance Bond Ratings Report and Letter - Standard & Poor's 2015-12-06  
Code Enforcement Building Permits Updated weekly
Ad Hoc Committee Comprehensive Plan Final Survey Report 2018-03-27 Comprehensive Plan 2019 Committee
Conservation Culvert and Habitat Assessment Study 2019-03-22 Planning Department, Public Works Department
Finance Debt Service Schedule as of March 17 2015 2015-03-17
Public Safety Emergency Fire and Medical Responses
Facilities Facilties Reservations 2014 2014-09-08
Facilities Facilities Study 2012 (40 MB)
Finance Finance Committee Chair graphics/reports Monthly
Finance Financial Benchmarks for Year Ended June 30, 2009
Finance Official Statement $2.1 million general obligation bonds (6 MB) 2011-07-12
Fort Williams Financial Capability for Fort Williams Park Projects 2012-08-15 Town Manager
Code Enforcement Floodplain Insurance Community Rating System Verification Report (Draft) 2015-04-17 Code Enforcement Officer
Fort Williams

Fort Williams Park Committee Pay/Display Report

FWP MAP - Spots_Meters

2018-07-25 Fort Williams Park Committee Pay/Display Fact Gathering Subcommittee
Fort Williams Fort Williams Park Commercial Van, Bus and Vehicle Traffic Report 2018-05-03 Fort Williams Park Committee
Fort Williams Fort Williams Projects Final Report 2009 (Renner|Woodworth) 2009-03-26  
Fort Williams Fort Williams Pay/Display Working Group Report 2006-06-01 Fort Williams Pay/Display Working Group
Finance Private Fundraising for Municipal Projects and Programs 2012-07-26 Town Council
Planning Future Open Space Study Committee final report 2012-11-01 Future Open Space Study Committee
Planning Future Open Space Study Committee status report 2011-07-26 Future Open Space Study Committee
Fort Williams Goddard Mansion Condition Assessement and Analysis: Part 1 (7 MB) Part 2 (3 MB)  2004-09-01 Fort Williams Advisory Commission
Conservation Great Pond 2018 Boat Rack Program and Permit Report 2019-02-04 Planning Department
  Greenbelt Update Process Report 2014-07-14 Town Council
Ad Hoc Committee 2018-04-30 Harbors Committee
Ad Hoc Committee Harbor Advisory Committee Report 1988-09-01 Harbor Advisory Committee
Ad Hoc Committee Health Insurance Review Committee Final Report 2010-03-10 Employee Health Insurance Review Committee
Ad Hoc Committee Historic Preservation Study Committee Report 2000-04-01 Historic Preservation Study Committee
Planning Historic Structures Survey 1999-11-04
Working Group Mediation Goal Working Group Report 2015-07-13 Mediation Goal Working Group
Ad Hoc Committee Municipal Operations Review Committee Draft Report 2010-11-08 Municipal Operations Review Committee
Finance Museum at Portland Head Light IRS Form 990 (Public Disclosure Copy) 2015-06-30 Museum at Portland Head Light
Fort Williams Park Officers Row Preserve Sustainability Plan and Planting Program 2016-12-12 Fort Williams Advisory Commission
Planning Open Space Management Report 2011 2011-11-01 Open Space and Greenbelt Management Plan Committee
Planning Paper Streets and Trails memo 2013-12-02 Town Planner
Planning Paper Street Report | Paper Street Inventory 2016-03-21  
Planning Paper Street Recommendations 2015-07-28 Conservation Commission
Planning Paper Street Recommendations 2015-07-28 Planning Board
  Paper Streets Public Workshops Draft Report 2018-03-12 Town Council
Public Works Pavement Management Study Report 2013 2013-08-12  
Public Works Pavement Management Study Update 2017 2018-01-03  
Ad Hoc Committee Pedals and Pedestrians 1996-05-31 Pedals and Pedestrians Committee
Key Information and Resources Population Statistics 2016 2015-08-27  
Fort Williams Proposed Planning Study for the Preservation and Interpretation of Battery Blair (includes photos and historical information) 2010-04-21 Fort Williams Advisory Commission
Public Safety Public Protection Classification Report (Fire) 2012-02-27 Fire Department
Cape Recycles Recycling Rates from ecomaine towns FY 2017 2016-09-01 Recycling Committee
Public Works Roadway and Drainage Priorities 2017-2021 2015-10-14  
Ad Hoc Committee Senior Citizen Advisory Commission Report 2015-07-13 Senior Citizen Advisory Commission
Public Works 2018-08-21  

Shore Acres Greenbelt Trail Feasability Studies:


2017-06-30 Conservation Committee
Ad Hoc Committee Shore Road Pathway Study Committee report  2009-03-30 Shore Road Pathway Study Committee
Code Enforcement Short-Term Rental Status Report and Citizen Survey Results 2014-09-08
Planning Significant Properties
Ad Hoc Committee Solid Waste and Recycling Long Range Planning Committee Report 2015-09-14  
Transportation Speed Study by VHB 2017-08-14  
Transportation Spurwink Avenue Improvement Project presentation 2007-02-06 Maine Department of Transportation
Transportation Spurwink Church Intersection Memo 2015-12-14 Sebago Technics
Ad Hoc Committee Spurwink Church Study Committee Report 2006-07-10 Spurwink Church Study Committee
Firing Range Spurwink Rod and Gun Club March 1, 2016 Report 2016-03-01 Code Enforcement
Firing Range 2015-07-27 Firing Range Committee
Ad Hoc Committee Spurwink School Committee Report 2018-03-29 Spurwink School Committee
Ad Hoc Committee Tax Increment Financing Presentation [links to lengthier presentations here] 2014-07-14 Town Center Plan Committee
Finance Thomas Jordan Trust IRS Form 990 (Public Disclosure Copy) 2015-06-30 Thomas Jordan Trust
Library Thomas Memorial Library Director's Monthly Reports Monthly  
Library Thomas Memorial Library Fundraising Feasibility Study 2012-01-19 Thomas Memorial Library Board of Trustees
Ad Hoc Committee Thomas Memorial Library Study Committee report 2009-08-10 Thomas Memorial Library Study Committee
Ad Hoc Committee Thomas Memorial Library Planning Comittee Analysis & Recommendations to the Town Council 2013-10-30 Thomas Memorial Library Planning Committee
Library Thomas Memorial Library Programming Study 2013-10-30 Reed & Co. Architects
Transportation Town Center intersection, traffic signal progress prints (most recent - November, 2008) (3.4 MB)  2008-11-01
Planning Town Center Plan Powerpoint Presentation 2010-01-26 Planning Department
Administration Town Report 2016 2016-12-31 Town Manager
Conservation Trout Brook Watershed Management Plan | Appendices 2012-12-22 Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District
Waste Disposal Transfer Station Safety Works! Inspection Report - 1-7-2015 2015-01-07 Maine Department of Labor
Waste Disposal

Transfer Station 2014.12.22 Safety Assessment

2014-12-22 Woodard & Curran
Waste Disposal Transfer Station 2014.12.30 Safety Assessment Addendum 2014-12-30 Woodard & Curran
Public Safety Underage Drinking Laws 2007-03-01
Statistics What the 2010 Census Tells Us 2011-06-13 Town Manager
Conservation Winnick Woods Shrublands Management Project 2012-10-10 Conservation Commission
Conservation Winter Moth History and Information 2017-02-14 Tree Warden