Town Council approves emergency business regulations, extends property-tax interest due date to June 1. FMI see
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Category Name Effective Date
Conservation Alewife Regulations for 2013
Boards and Committees Appointments to Boards & Committees Statement of Policy 2019-04-08
Personnel Bereavement Recognition Policy
Recycling Bottle Shed Requirements 2019-02-20
Finance Post Issuance Compliance Policy Relating to Bonds Issued by the Town 2012-08-13
Code Enforcement Building Code FAQ 2010-03-15
Planning Complete Streets Policy 2017-01-09
Public Information CETV Operating Guidelines (public-access television) 2009-06-08
Public Safety Citizen Complaints
Licensing Why License Your Dog? 2011-10-07
Public Information Email Addresses Policy 2014-07-14
Personnel Employee Recognition Policy 2008-01-01
Family Fun Day Family Fun Day Rules & Regulations 2016 2016-06-09
Family Fun Day Family Fun Day Parade Safety Guidelines for Participants 2015-05-19
Finance Fixed Asset Policy 2008-11-10
Fort Williams Statement of Policy for Fort Williams 1976-10-25
Fort Williams Fort Williams Park Group Use Policy 2012-11-14
Fort Williams Fort Williams Park Vending Expressive Matter Rules Effective August 19, 2013 2013-08-19
Fort Williams Statement of Policy for Revenues Received from Parking Fees at Fort Williams Park 2019-05-13
Finance Fund Balance Policy 2011-10-12
Fort Williams Goddard Mansion Stabilization Policy 2015-11-04
Conservation Great Pond Boat Storage Rules
Human Services Hardship Abatement Guidelines 2012-02-13
  Insurance Requirements 2014-01-01
Finance Investment Policy 1987-04-13
Land Use Land Sale and Acquisition Policy 2005-07-01
Personnel Mileage Reimbursement for Municipal Employees
Personnel Miscellaneous Personnel Policies as of July 1, 2009 2009-07-01
Harbor Moorings - Other Things You Should Know About Moorings 2011-10-04
Public Information Municipal Communications Strategy 2010-07-12
Facilities Naming of Facilties 2014-04-14
Facilities Naming of School Facilities 2007-07-09
Conservation Open Space Policies 2012-05-14
Personnel Pay Classification Plan Fiscal 2016 2015-10-21
Planning Board Rules 2015-01-12
Public Safety Public Safety Message Board Sign Policy
Finance Purchasing Procedure
Recycling Recycling
Facilities Spurwink Church Provisions for Use 2019-10-29
Street Lighting Policy 2009-04-30
Library Thomas Memorial Library Use Policy 2015-06-15
Library Thomas Memorial Library Circulation Policy


Library Thomas Memorial Library Electronic Information, Services and Network Access Policy 2015-07-13
Town Council Code of Ethics for the Cape Elizabeth Town Council 2018-04-09
Town Council Town Council Rules 2019-12-09
Town Council Town Council Goals 2019-02-11
Public Safety Traffic Calming Policy 2007-04-09
Recycling Understanding Plastic Recycling - what kinds of plastics can you recycle? 2011-05-06
Public Information Website Operating Guidelines and Privacy Policy 2009-06-08
  Board of Zoning Appeals Rules and Regulations 2016-02-08