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Draft Master Plans

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Adopted Master Plans

Name Notes
Capital Stewardship Plan 2018-2027  
Combined Municipal/School Capital Improvement Plan 2015-2024  
Combined Sewer Overflow Master Plan for Ottawa Road Pump Station Overview Approved by the Town Council 11/06/2013
Combined Sewer Overflow Plan: Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 9
Comprehensive Plan Approved by the Town Council 07/08/2019
Fort Williams 2011 Master Plan update 37 MB - Town Council adopted 05/14/2012
Fort Williams Forestry and Arboriculture Assessment and Maintenance Program November 2004 - 3.11 MB
Greenbelt Plan 2013 update Town Council adopted 01/06/2014
Gull Crest Master Plan (38K) Does not include exhibits. Town Council approved 12/09/02
Hazard Mitigation Plan (12/12/2016) Developed by Cumberland County
Nordic Ski Group Proposal for Gull Crest Trails (presented to Town Council, 05/15/2006)
Open Space Management Plan Town Council adopted 05/14/2012
- Cliff House Beach appendix approved by Town Council 5/13/2019
Riverside Cemetery Master Plan

Town Council adopted 04/09/2012

Roadway and Drainage Priorities 2017-2021  
Stormwater Program Management Plan In conjunction with General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems 2013-2018

Town Center Plan 2014 update | Appendix E Existing Properties Spreadsheet

approved by Town Council 10/06/2014
Town Center Stormwater Management Plan Update September 2015
Trout Brook Restoration Project Phase II Work Plan news article
Winnick Woods Draft Master Plan (draft 05/26/05) (715K) - Town Council approved 01/09/06