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Cape Elizabeth TV Cable Channel 3
Public Announcement Form

Please fill out this form (* fields required) to have your Cape Elizabeth public-service announcement published on the CETV bulletin board. Announcements are limited to 8 lines of text, no more than 40 characters and spaces per line. Be sure to include:
and Why in your announcement. The shorter the message, the more easily viewers can read it. We reserve the right to edit any message when necessary.
Please include any description of your event, not to be included in the announcement, that may help us in choosing art or graphics. You may also send any art or graphics in a separate e-mail to cetv@capeelizabeth.org. If you are submitting a PowerPoint slide, please note the dimensions of our message area is 612-pixels-wide-by-344 pixels-high, roughly 2/3 the area of a standard PowerPoint slide.
Please submit completed form at least 5 days in advance of the air time start date.
Any questions, please email cetv@capeelizabeth.org.