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School Board Standing Committees

Standing committees are established by the School Board and the Board Chairperson appoints members. Appointments are subject to final approval of the Board.  Each committee has a specific function and may advise the Board on matters related to its charge, but may not act for the Board.  Membership includes elected Board members and others who may serve in a non-voting advisory capacity.

Finance Committee

[Meets: monthly 4th Tuesday, 6:30-7 p.m., at the High School library before the School Board monthly workshop]
Elizabeth Scifres, Chair
   with the entire Board

Purpose: Assist with development and adoption of annual budget; periodically review financial management reports; provide strategic direction for funding decisions; collaborate with Town Council to guide the budget process, including presentation of information to voters; review facilities’ and equipment condition and adequacy; address other financial issues as needed

Policy Committee

[Meets: monthly at Town Hall]
Hope Straw, Chair
Laura DeNino, member
Elizabeth Scifres, member

Purpose: Develop, adopt and review policies, which guide the operations and educational mission of the school district

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