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Energy Committee

  • Five member board
  • Staggered three-year terms
  • Meets TBD
  • Meets TBD

Makes recommendations to the Town Council on achieving environmental sustainability goals while lowering energy costs. Explores and recommends opportunities for grant applications. Conducts public education and promotion of sustainable energy, including but not limited to activities in neighboring communities.

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Contact: Perry Schwarz, Facilities Director

Energy Committee:    
  Term Expires
Carrie Gilbert 12/31/2019
Richard A. Parker 12/31/2019
Jennifer A. Healy 12/31/2020
Sam Lipman 12/31/2020
Sam Milton 12/31/2021
Thomas S. Murley 12/31/2021
Barbara Toomey 12/31/2021
Perry Schwarz Staff

Agendas, minutes, supporting documents if available

Committee Charge


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