Community Services Committee

  • Seven member board
  • Staggered three-year terms
  • Committee meets at the Community Center

The Community Services Committee advocates for versatile community programs offering educational, cultural, recreational and social enrichment opportunities.

Duties are to perform regular outreach efforts to assess satisfaction with current programming and identify unmet needs; and, to advise the Community Services Director on issues of interest that relate to the programming offered by the Community Services Department.

E-mail Community Services Committee
Staff Contact: Kathy Raftice, Director of Community Services and Fort Williams Park

Agendas, minutes, supporting documents if available

Community Services Committee Members:
    Term Expires
Amy Lombardo*   12/31/2019
Sarah MacColl*   12/31/2019
Tara Simopoulos   12/31/2020
Jonathan Mortimer   12/31/2020
Andrea Ernst   12/31/2021
Jill Palmore   12/31/2021
Terri Patterson   12/31/2021


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New appointments effective 01/01/19 (Approved Dec. 10, 2018)

# - Serving unexpired term
* - Serving second/third term

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