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Comprehensive Plan 2019 Committee

The Cape Elizabeth Town Council established a Comprehensive Plan 2019 Committee on Sept 12, 2016. Memo (08/01/2016)

Comprehensive Plan 2019 Committee  
Term Expires
Elizabeth Goodspeed, secretary   12/31/2018
Harvey Rosenfeld   12/31/2018
Kevin Guimond   12/31/2018
Peter Curry   12/31/2018
Timothy Thompson, chair   12/31/2018
Sara Lennon Town Council representative  
Penny Jordan Town Council representative  
Victoria Volent Planning Board representative  
Susana Measelle Hubbs School Board representative  
Staff contact: Maureen O'Meara, Town Planner


Following a public hearing the Town Council on July 8, 2019 approved, with minor amendments to the public participation reporting section, the Comprehensive Plan for 2019 for submission to the state. (State approved February 2020)

Town Council Comprehensive Plan 2019 Review Schedule

Approved Comprehensive Plan 2019

Bound copies are also available for review at Town Hall and the Thomas Memorial Library

Comprehensive Plan Survey - Final Report

Meeting Materials

Agendas, minutes, supporting documents and video if available

Meeting Schedule

Updated 3/27/2018 - download

Committee Charge

Draft Chapters

Research Documents

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