Board and Committee Responsibilities

Responsibilities of:

  • Town Council
  • Town Manager
  • Assistant Town Manager
  • Town Clerk
  • Staff
  • Board Members
  • Adopted December 12, 1988

    Amended December 8, 2003

    On December 12, 1988, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council adopted the following outline of responsibilities of and for Boards and Commissions.  Any reference to "Boards" shall also include Commissions and Committees.

    Town Council Responsibility

    1. Create and dissolve Boards.
    2. Determine Board responsibilities.
    3. Appoint members of Boards upon recommendation of the Appointments Committee unless expressed authorization is given to another appointing authority.
    4. Review and adopt Board budgets.
    5. Determine town manager and board chairman responsibility vis a vis Boards.
    6. Adopt Board by-laws.
    7. Oversee policy direction of Boards.
    8. General orientation for Board members.

    Town Manager Responsibility

    1. Resolve non-policy citizen complaints regarding Boards.
    2. Prepare Board budgets after consultation with board chairman.
    3. Convene Board meetings, in cooperation with staff assigned to the Board, if inactive Boards.
    4. Assign staff to Boards when within budgets and when needed.
    5. Secure professional services for Boards when within budget and when town manager agrees that such services are needed.
    6. Inform the Town Council Chairman of chronic non-attendance by any Board member.
    7. In cooperation with staff assigned to Board, assess training needs of Board members.

    Assistant Town Manager Responsibility

    1. Assist Appointments Committee with administrative details of the appointments process. 
    2. Maintain list of Board members and terms for the town record, public view and distribution.
    3. Inform town manager and Appointments Committee of Board vacancies throughout the year.
    4. Assist Appointments Committee with Board orientation.
    5. Maintain electronic lists and documents when possible.

    Town Clerk Responsibility

    1. Maintain record of Board meeting schedule.
    2. Provide public notice of Board meetings.
    3. Retain minutes of Board meetings for the town record, public view and distribution.

    Staff Member Responsibility

    1. Schedule regular meetings of the Board.
    2. Provide Board with meeting schedule, agenda and packet material.
    3. Ensure public notice of meetings and workshops.  Provide meeting schedules and/or agendas to the town clerk for public notice and public review.
    4. Ensure meeting minutes are provided to the town clerk immediately following each meeting.  Meeting minutes are maintained for the town record, public view and distribution.
    5. Ensure the maintenance of attendance records. 
    6. Report issues relating to non-attendance of a Board member to the town manager.
    7. Electronically transmit Board schedules, agendas and minutes.
    8. When applicable, review annual budget request with Board members.
    9. In cooperation with the town manager, assess training needs of Board members.
    10. Inform assistant town manager and town manager of vacancies.  Written resignations are requested.
    11. Direct questions regarding potential conflict of interest with a Board member to the town manager.


    Board Members Responsibility

    1. Regularly attend Board meetings.  Notify staff member and/or Board chairman, in advance, if Board member is unable to attend a meeting.
    2. Observe the provisions of the Council-Manager Charter and ordinances of the Town of Cape Elizabeth and statutes of the State of Maine and faithfully discharge the duties of the office to which the Board member is appointed.
    3. Follow the spirit and the letter of the Maine Right To Know Law.  Board meetings must be publicized.  The public has a right to attend meetings and receive Board correspondence and packet information, unless otherwise expressed by state statute.
    4. Attend appropriate orientation and training sessions.
    5. Respect the views of other Board members.
    6. Differentiate between personal views and Board policy in order to avoid confusion by the public.
    7. Reveal any potential conflict of interest to the staff member and Board chairman prior to discussion and voting on the issue.  Board members shall abstain from discussion and voting on any item deemed to be a conflict of interest. 
    8. Direct concerns to the Board chairman.  In the absence of the Board chairman, direct concerns to the staff member.
    9. Board chairman: Ensure the maintenance of attendance records; ensure minutes are provided to the staff member, Board and town clerk immediately following each meeting; minutes shall be provided electronically; schedule meetings; provide public notification of each meeting; notify staff member of potential conflicts of interest, non-attendance by Board members, Board resignations and other concerns, questions and issues.