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Comprehensive Plan 2019 Committee

Town plans/policies 2005-2018
Date Plan
2018 Harbors Committee Report: Full Report | Without Appendix | Appendix Only
2018 Spurwink School Reuse Recommendation
2017 Trout Brook II Final Project Report
2017 Pavement Management Study Update
2017 Town of Cape Elizabeth Technology Sustainability Plan
2017 Alternative Energy Committee Report | Report Section 7 pp 28-33 | Presentation to Town Council
2016 Town Report for 2016
2016 Combined Municipal/School Capital Improvement Plan 2015-2024
2016 Hazard Mitigation Plan | Powerpoint Presentation
2016 Trout Brook Restoration Project Phase II Work Plan
2016 Paper Street Report | Paper Street Inventory
2016 Complete Streets Policy
2016 FWP-Officer's Row Preserve Sustainability Plan and Planting Program
2016 Computer equipment sustainability/replacement plan
2015 Cape Elizabeth Vulnerability Assessment
2015 Solid Waste and Recycling Long Range Planning Committee Report
2015 Town Center Stormwater Management Plan Update
2015 Senior Citizen Advisory Commission Report
2015 2014-2015 School Enrollment Projections for Cape Elizabeth
2014 Town Center Plan 2014 update | Appendix E Existing Properties Spreadsheet
2013 Combined Sewer Overflow Master Plan for Ottawa Rd Pump Station | Combined Sewer Overflow Plan: Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 9
2013 Management of Open Space and Greenbelt Plan
2013 Greenbelt Plan
2013 Pavement Management Study Report
2013 2013-2018 School Department Strategic Plan
2012 Future Open Space Plan
2012 Facilities Study
2012 Town Charter
2012 EMS program update
2011 Riverside Cemetary Master Plan Update
2011 Fort Williams Master Plan
2007 Traffic Calming Policy
2005 Land Sale and Acquisition Policy


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