Winnick Woods

Look for these Town Greenbelt signs at all trailheads and also throughout the trail system to help you navigate your way on and through the trails. 

Length: 1.7 Trail Loop
Primary Uses: Open Space & Passive Recreation. 
Primary Activities: Hiking, Biking, Snow Snowing, Cross Country, Bird Watching. 

The 71 acre parcel that is Winnick Woods was donated to the town of Cape Elizabeth by Alice Larrea In the 1990s for preservation in memory of her family, the Winnicks. The trailhead, with an eight space gravel parking lot and kiosk, is located on Sawyer Road. These trails are popular jogging and nature observation trails, with residents enjoying access to Cross Hill Trails, Dyer Hutchinson Trail conservation easement (owned by the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust), Leighton Farms Trails, and has planned connections into the Eastman Meadows trails and future open space. 

Winnick Woods Trail Map

Winnick Woods Trail Map

Comprising a 1.7 mile trail loop through the 71 acre Winnick Woods,

extensive wetlands, woodlands, ponds, meadow features, and impressive array New England wildlife.  The trail begins in a wooded enclave that rises to an open meadow for approximately 400 feet upon entering the interior lope of wetlands and woods. 

The trail gives way to unique sloping and hill characteristics,

which are accentuated with stone walls and small rock crops. The presence of both moderate and steep grades makes for greater hiking conditions.  Along with this, several elevated bridges and boardwalks have been constructed and provide great access to other greenbelt trails such as Cross Hills Trails, which is comprised of 105.8 acres of forested wetlands, a pond, and bridges and boardwalks passing through scenic wildlife habitat areas.

Winnick Woods Contours Map

What to Watch for:  Wildlife & Planning for Habitat Improvements 

Consistent with the Winnick Woods Master Plan, a 15-acre chunk on the northwestern corner of Winnick Woods has been set aside for a habitat management project. This corner of Winnick Woods is adjacent to a 10-acre parcel owned by Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. In partnership with the  Inland Fish and Wildlife, the State Forestry Service, and various other organizations,  the Conservation Committee will begin to conduct a habitat renewal and restoration effort. Through  shrubland management, the hope is that young shoots in the spring will yield good feed and habitat. The shrubland landscapes of Winnick Woods will provide excellent opportunities for an increase in local biodiversity of wildlife, including varieties of bird and plant species.

The Cape Elizabeth Conservation Committee is pleased to continue its series ‘Trail of the Month’  & ‘Get to Know Your Trails’ as to highlight the Town’s greenbelt and open spaces. The trail system is constructed and maintained by the Town of Cape Elizabeth Conservation Committee, an all volunteer seven member board that reports to the Town Council. Above all, this group is dedicated to the preservation and the promotion of access to the open public spaces of Cape Elizabeth.  The commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the Town Hall and residents are always welcome.