Town Council Agenda & Packet Procedure

The deadline for items to be placed on the town council agenda is on or before noon of the first business day of the month for the regular meeting of the town council, and before noon of the business day next prior to the day of any other meeting. All requests for agenda items and all related material should be e-mailed to the town clerk.

The town manager, with the advice and consent of the chairman of the town council, shall prepare the agenda, which shall include the order of business, for council meetings under the direction of the council. The agenda shall be distributed to the members of the council and made available to the public by the Wednesday preceding the date of the regular council meeting and at least 24 hours before a time set for any other meeting.

The town council members, the town clerk, the town attorney, the town manager, the assistant town manager and the Thomas Memorial Library shall be provided packets with agendas and all related material. An additional copy shall be made available at the town hall for public review. (13 total copies)

On the date of distribution of town council packets to town council members, a copy of the agenda shall be posted on the town website. The website shall also contain a section where background materials on items received electronically shall be posted. This shall not apply to background material for items proposed to be reviewed in executive session.

The town clerk shall keep a list of all persons wishing to receive electronic copies of draft agendas. Draft agendas will be e-mailed to this list concurrent with the distribution to town council members.

Any person wishing printed copies of material related to agenda items shall make such a request to the town clerk and the fee for any copies shall be the same as the fee for other copies. Single copies of the agenda itself for an upcoming meeting shall be made available at the town hall at no charge. The Thomas Memorial Library shall also waive its copying fees for a single copy of the current town council agenda.