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Recycling Center changes beginning May 17

download recycling center traffic changes
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Public Works has announced temporary changes to traffic pattern at the Recycling Center beginning Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

Lanes will be indentified with traffic control devices and signage to make it very clear how to traverse the site.

The biggest change will be that the compactor will be taken out of service and househould trash will be deposited in roll-off containers behind the retaining wall. They will be made accessible, but there will be concrete barriers in front of them to meet the required fall protection standards.

The "Silver Bullet" recycling bins will be relocated outside of the entrance gate near the Salt Shed.

Finally, the office will be relocated to where the cardboard containers used to be to allow for the rehabilitation to the compactor building.

These changes will allow the contractor to work safely and efficiently as the town proceeds with the $1.4 million improvement project approved by voters last June.

For more information please contact Public Works, 207-799-4151.