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Latest elementary school craze outlawed at Pond Cove

The latest craze to hit the elementary school crowd -- Pokemon trading cards -- has been outlawed by Cape's Pond Cove School principal.

"It's official," wrote Pond Cove principal Tom Eismeier in his weekly letter to families. "After hearing a number of complaints from teachers for the past week, I'm exercising the power of my Earth Badge and telling Pokemon to stay home."

While Eismeier has said he sees some merit in the trading cards, they have become a nuisance at school. Kids collect and trade the cards, and along the way they can learn negotiating skills.

At the Sept.14 meeting of the School Board, one board member queried Eismeier about the impending ban. She said she knew of a child at Pond Cove who wondered whether banning Pokemon from school was a violation of the students' Consititutional rights.

Eismeier said that students do not check their rights at the door of the school, but he does, as principal, have the power to outlaw nuisances.