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Schools announce new staff for 1999-2000

		  NEW  STAFF - 1999/2000

Name 			Grade/Subject	

Debra Butterworth	.5 SPED (replacing Nancy Miles)		
Rebecca Kurty 		Full-time SPED (replacing M. Dale trans to HS)	
Cameron Rosenblum	Grade 4
Linda Paul		Full-time K (replacing Deborah Jordan Pearson
		& Suzanne Hamilton) 
Deborah Jordan Pearson	.5 Literacy Specialist (transfer from K)
Suzanne Hamilton	.5 Literacy Specialist (transfer from K)
Patricia McCarthy	Grade 2 (1 yr. - Julie Robbins LOA)
Bethany Etzel		Grade 3 (1 yr. - Ann Holt LOA)
Conrad Berthiaume	World Language (.8 to FT/additional .2 from
		Paige Brown's resignation)
Charles Carroll		Grade 6 (replacing Kathy Walsh)
Deb Casey		Grade 7&8 (becoming FT reg. Ed/
		additional .6 from Marty Watts retiring)
Susan Dana		.8 to full-time 
Christine Groff		.4 French (Kathleen Riva covering PC Gr.3 Sp.)
Kimberly Kelly Huchel	SPED (replacing C. Russ/transferred to regular ed)
Carolyn Russ		FT regular ed/1 year (replacing G.Parker/sab.)
Lydia Schildt		World Language (replacing Paige Brown)
Laurie Sivonen		SPED (replacing David Ferrick)
Matt Whaley		Grade 7 Science (replacing Cynthia Curry)

Doug Charamut		Math (replacing Chris Newell)
Jamie Gillette 		English (replacing Lori Londis)
John Griffin		.4 Math
Lynn Hallett		.4 Spanish	
Angela Schipani 	Spanish (replacing Skip Crosby)
Joel Shroder		English (replacing Sally Martin)
Heather Thompson	Social Studies (replacing Hannah Ashley)
Cristina (Shelly) Tucker	Spanish (replacing Lyn Lockhart)
Marilyn Dale		Transfer from PC (replacing Tina Johnson)

Reid, Diane		.8 to Full-time Speech		
Elizabeth Fagan		.6 Speech (replacing Deb Casey who
		transferred to regular ed)	


Morris Russo		.5 COTA & .5 SPED Ed Tech II
Jason Lund		Computer Technician

Fred Higgins		Maintenance 

Kim Roth		Psychological Service Provider

Robyn Shaw		SPED Secretary (Replacing Darcy Woodward)
  (School year only)

Barbara Smith		Ed Tech I Pond Cove Nurse's Office

Sarah Jordan		SPED Ed Tech II  Middle School
		(Replacing Charlie Carroll)